Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Why do people still use this site?? I've never used it, mostly because I prefer to make direct contact with hotels, car rental and airlines myself. A couple years ago, my brother and his wife planned a trip to Seattle and use Travelocity to make their hotel reservations - what a big mistake! They missed their JetBlue flight - and JB was amazingly accommodating. Especially because they missed the flight due to traffic - which around NYC is pretty status quo. When I called to cancel their first night in Seattle, however, the hotel informed me that I would have to call Travelocity to cancel.... and they were not at all accommodating. In fact, they were quite annoyed that I would think the standard "call by 6 pm the day you check in" would apply to them - no, they wanted three days for cancellations! Too bad my brother didn't know three days before he set out for the airport that it would take more than 5 hours for that hour long trip!

Anyway... moving ahead... my mom is heading to, of all places, Seattle, for an Alaskan Cruise. For some reason, she used Travelocity. Had I known she was making the airline reservations without the help of her travel agent, I would have helped her do it herself. She planned a nice day and half in Seattle before her cruise so they could be adjusted to the time and be ready, get their bearings and head off on a nice, leisurely vacation.

Enter: Travelocity, the unnecessary vacation wrecker. They have twice changed her flights, cutting out an ENTIRE DAY of her vacation.... have "rebooked" her on a flight with a connection in Chicago - and only 1/2 an hour between their flights and did not assign her seats. She has been unable to connect with them to get seat assignments. What's worse - they tried to charge her more money for changing her flights!!! Um, she didn't change them, Travelocity, duh, you did!! Makes you wonder!! She has also tried to call them for help, and the general consensus is (from both of our experiences) don't bother!

So, my aunt, who is in her early 70's and just had hip replacement surgery a couple years ago, will be sprinting through Chicago O'hare to make it to her next gate before the plane leaves without them - someone at Travelocity should know this would be an impossible feat for even an athlete in his prime! This is not the 80's, when they would hold a place for you. Instead, this is the year 2008, when you can get in trouble for running in an airport and they stop boarding people 15 minutes before the door of the plane even closes. Get with the program, folks!! As for the expensive hotel they booked right by the dock of their ship... I think Travelocity should pay for that night that they will likely miss. Boo on Travelocity!


Sammi Jo said...

Yikes! That sounds ridiculous. I have dealt with travelocity booking hotels before and there is ALWAYS a problem with something. Travel sites like that are useless.

I always stay at Hampton Inn because I know what I'm going to get for an affordable price - clean room and good service.

It reminds me of that video for Hampton Inn where a guest is speaking in rhyme about every travelers worst nightmare. I think you'll be able to relate so I'll post the link !

I hope your grandma made it across O'Hare in time to catch her flight!


Let me know what you think!

deanna said...

Hahaha! That is a funny video! I hope she makes it as well. I guess we'll just pray their connecting flight is delayed (NOT CANCELED!).