Friday, July 18, 2008

Coming Up for Air

I dove in and now I'm coming up, lighter than before! =) Today another amazing friend took both my girls for the afternoon AND evening!! It was a little hairy there at first, with me getting stuck at Target in the return line, filling my cart with back-to-school supplies that I missed last year because of our trip, showing up late to pick up Kt and having my "tank empty" light shining the whole way. I picked Kt up early from tennis camp - last day - and met her friend there. We spent our early afternoon painting pottery after picking up Em and having some Ledo's pizza.... yum. We then met her friend's mom at the pool and I came home to dive in...

It's crazy here. My house is a bottomless pit of junk right now. I decided when I got home to retreat to my basement - the International Office of Space - and work on those activity books for Hungary. And I finished them!!! Now I just need to copy and bind them. WOOHOO! Then T came home and we went to a Tapas bar in Maple Lawn Farms. Very cool, very chic, very... well, we were completely underdressed - didn't think about that before we went there because my mind is just way too jumbled to care, but I did notice! we were the only ones in shorts and T-shirts!! And, of course, my husband looks to be about 28!! Very funny and yummy. We had Bruschetta Rojo, Duck with butternut squash, hazelnuts and celery, Curried chicken (which was to die for!) and some potatoes with some incredible dips. Next time we go, I'll dress nicer - I promise!

Once we got home and found out our children were playing the wii outdoors at someone's house on a projection screen, I dove once again into those wedding invitations... and they are done, for the most part. I have one question and one missing.... gotta find that. Then they are outta here!! Which is super, because tomorrow night is the packing party, and boy do we have a lot to pack. I can't really walk through my living room anymore!!

Oh, tomorrow morning, bright and early... swim meet. I guess I ought to go to bed!!

Quick update.... we are personally about $700 away from our support goal as a family. WOW! And our team is at 71%... minus the electronic giving which hasn't been updated in over a week - vacationing accountant. So... I wonder if there will be any surprises in there? I mean, I'm hoping! LOL

Some prayer requests:

I ordered 2 boxes of materials from Oriental Trading over a week ago. The two boxes have been sitting in Martinsburg, VA "sorting" for almost three days now... and I need them!! Pray they make it before we leave! (Further challenging in this effort is the fact that we have not had house numbers up for almost a year... when we had the rotten wood on our house replaced!)

My laundry - I have not even started that laundry, packing, cleaning... in fact, I've hardly thought about it. Now that my two large projects are out of the way, pray I can refocus enough to get it all done in half the time it normally takes!

My mom is traveling here Monday, then going on her first cruise to Alaska on Wednesday. Pray for smooth, safe travels for her and my aunt. I know they anxious and excited all at the same time!

Pray for the girls... who are clearly getting a bit stressed at this point. We all are!!!

Pray that God is glorified in all that we do, before, during and after our trip. It's about way more than just while we're there. Just look at my living room!

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