Thursday, July 10, 2008

Self Manicure

I'm getting ready to paint my nails. It's a luxury not many stay-at-home moms can afford, so when it *needs* to be done, we do it ourselves sometimes. Even when we can afford it, we don't always want to explain to the manicurist why our nails are green. I mean, not painted green, stained green. If I explained they are green from the Jungle Fungus cleaner that my husband used in his daughter's betta fish tank because she has some flesh eating bacteria, it still might not make any sense. Why would that turn my nails green? Well, when you put half a tablet into a fishbowl (enough for 20 gallons of water!) full of plastic rocks, a fake plant (whose base has disintegrated) and bamboo (whose roots have become dark green astroturfish feeling weeds), everything turns a super dark shade of green. Not to mention, aforementioned betta fish is now having difficulty breathing, not moving anymore and definitely not eating. She probably couldn't see.

So, back to my fingernails. On his way out the door to take a group of middle schooler to Baltimore for the next two nights and days, I mentioned that the fish was not looking so good. He agreed. I then called him and mentioned that maybe he put way too much of that Jungle stuff in the tank and he said, "How would you feel about cleaning that tank for me?" What kind of a question is that? I don't do animals, and I'm already having to take care of his two dogs (who will undoubtedly bark all night, relieve themselves numerous times on my kitchen floor and not eat or obey in protest of T being gone), his children, attend swim meet number two without him - again - a host of other obligatons. Do I want to clean a fish tank? Not really, but I also don't want fish funeral duty.

Off I go, and let me tell you, scrubbing every surface of every little rock (I'm sure he's never done that - judging by the amount of crappola on them!) with a little scrubby sponge does strange things to fingernails. Especially when everything is coated with Jungle Fungus remover. I guess I should have worn gloves!!

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