Monday, July 07, 2008


It's coming down to the wire, with so many things to do!! We bought about $400 worth of supplies for Hungary this past weekend and at tonight's meeting we hashed out more items we need. We are also hoping to bring along supplies that can't easily be found in Europe - such as American candy and children's meds, arts and crafts supplies - for the missionaries to bring home. I still have a list of things to do before we leave, and other things that are just popping up in between. I'm slightly overwhelmed.

We have two weeks left before we leave and still $22,000 to raise. I have to admit, it's quite daunting, except when I think that we have to date raised $47,000! I mean... that's a huge number. Do I think God has $22,000 to give us? I do. I have no idea where it's coming from, but I know it's out there somewhere!

We have four Bible stories that make up our Olympic journey as our theme - Samson, Jonah, Paul and Silas and the Good Samaritan. Our final day, we have not yet chosen a story, but tonight I was thinking that for our "Reward" on the last day, we really should just talk about the person we are doing all this for - Jesus. It seems like a big piece to be missing, but I think we've known all along that's the story for our last day with these kids. He's what it all comes down to - the reason we are going, the reason we are pulling this together, the reason all these families are living so far from "home" to reach hearts that God wants to reclaim.

So, will God provide $22,000 in the next two weeks? I think in many ways He already has!

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