Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Brother

My brother is....

.... the kind of person who makes you laugh until your sides hurt, and you can't even talk anymore.

.... smarter than anyone realizes. Even he doesn't realize it!

.... the best debater I've ever known. He never loses a debate, even when he's wrong, he will leave you speechless.

.... the most incompassionate person I know. But will still go to the ends of the earth to help someone really in need. I know - that makes no sense... unless you know him!

.... the only person I know who can make me go from fuming mad to hilariously silly in a matter of milliseconds.

.... very deliberative. He calls it cautious. We call it lazy. In reality, it's both. =)

.... a mean percussionist. I mean, really mean. I'd stay out of his way when he's holding a pair of drumsticks!

.... a liar. At least that's what his niece, Em, says. She does not understand his sarcasm at all!

.... a brainwasher. If he says it, you'll believe it. Trust me. And don't trust him if he offers you Kool-Aid. (Remember - I warned you!)

.... loves candy, even though he'll say he never touches the stuff. I've seen him down a Fun-Dip faster than you can say "sugar!"

.... will make an awesome Dad someday. Of course, he's still deliberating on that one. And while we think he's incompassionate in his stance to remain childless until he finds his dream house, he did just give a co-worker some baby advice yesterday (and then ran it by me just to be sure!). I know he'll make a great daddy.

.... pretty much only needs affirmation from one person. And since he's in heaven, I get the calls now. (Talkin about my dad, not the other guy up there!)

.... so much fun to be with - anyone would agree. And he is so prideful about that fact!!

.... the most wonderful uncle ever. Just ask Kt, who thinks the world of him.

.... makes me wonder why didn't have a third child.... but only once in a blue moon.

I am really thankful God gave me such an intriguing brother - just don't tell him I said that. It will surely go to his head!

happy birthday, old man!

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