Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I guess this is a good place to insert an update on Hungary - since I have some time and quiet to myself! I sent the girls on ahead to Connecticut at their request AND because we have a Hungary team meeting here tonight that I wanted to be here for. If you are supporting us in prayer, here are some things we are offering up fervently!

1. Lot of prayer! We are praying for lots of people to jump on board and pray with us for Europe, for the families we are serving, that our opportunity to love these third culture kids is an extension of God's love - and that they recognize it as just that!

2. Logistics - God is amazing! All the time!! Things have really come together, and that is a huge blessing. We know at any time they can "fall apart" according to our human standards, but when that happens, it's God's chance to shine. We have been becoming more believing and faithful through working out our logistics in a way that only God could make things happen. He repeatedly has reminded us that it's really His trip, and his resources are unlimited - something our feeble, tiny minds have a difficult time grasping.

3. Learning - We have seen many opportunities already for our team members to learn from this experience. It's very faith-stretching being involved in something that requires dependence on God. We have some team members who are really struggling with the financial aspects of this trip and we've seen God working in our hearts over this. Please pray that we can pull through the doubting that often plagues missions work - God is rich in so many ways, practical and ridiculous!

4. Love - and unity. We need this on our team. We've seen it on our team. We want to exude this on our trip.

Thanks so much for your prayers and the financial support so many have offered us. I have found myself this year - and this is really unusual for me - being anxious over money. Even today I was having a little chat with God over this and He just keeps telling me to believe - that nothing is too big and no anxiety is too insignificant for Him. It's humbling, it's exciting and it's scary all at the same time. I hope that I have many more opportunities to see God this summer and for the rest of my life - otherwise life would be so boring!

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