Sunday, March 01, 2009

Peanut Allergies

Just before we hopped on our last flight home from Florida, I quickly stopped in a news stand and bought my mom and myself a pack of Resees Peanut Butter Cups. I had originally intended for us to eat them before we got on the plane, but thought better of having to buy them for my girls and saved them. Once on the plane, I had this nagging thought that it likely was not the best place to open up peanut butter! Having friends who have children with this particular allergy, I've listened to hours of them lamenting about restaurants, school cafeterias and one of the scariest places to deal with any medical emergency - thousands of feet in the air in the confined space called an airplane! So... we held off on our little treat until we were safely home!

Tonight, I read this super article on food allergies and the "hysteria" that they have created. I have such mixed feelings about this topic, but I really appreciated the information in this article. It did not go overboard, portraying parents as crazed fanatics, nor did it belittle them for their fear. It presented where we are now with these allergies and some experimental treatment that seems to be working in some cases on making some children allergy tolerant. Very interesting! And for real, it's a small sacrifice to make, keeping airplanes peanut free. =)

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Erin@ Stirrings Inside My Head said...

I've always wondered why airplanes still serve peanuts...