Monday, March 23, 2009

Annie, Jr.

This past week/weekend was dominated by Annie, Jr. Kt has been involved in an elementary school production, something I would have been way too scared to do!! I was really surprised she wanted to give it a try, but so glad she did. She has always wanted to sing, act and be on stage, but everyone who has ever heard her before would agree - her singing "skills" leave much to be desired! At least until Annie, Jr!!

T and I were, of course, completely taken by surprise. We couldn't be prouder and are just so excited that Kt has finally realized a dream of hers. It speaks volumes for not discouraging your children when you fear they might embarrass you - LOL! More importantly, embarrass themselves. That is really the motivating fear for me. I tucked that away in the back of my mind because Kt is the kind of child who loves to experience and I didn't want to take that away from her, especially not in the safe confines of her last few months of elementary school. On top of it all, she had an amazing time and was so regretful that her friends missed her performance. Like good parents, we video taped it - thankfully. She's come a long way from "My Favorite Color is Rainbow" she recorded with her uncle in first grade. (We're still waiting for Uncle D to do the same with Em! =()


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