Friday, March 27, 2009

March Madness

I'm not talking about basketball, mostly because I just don't follow that at all! First up, the GE Bailout fiasco that you won't hear about in the news. Second, a commentary on CNN - finally, people coming back to reality on what's going on.

I am obviously not happy about the ridiculous amount of government spending and control, and I feel like Americans are part of the problem. It seems as though there are two views on the budget proposal: either you think it's horrendous or you just love Obama and you'll do anything he says. What's missing? The "I love Obama but this budget is terrible. Do over!" It's like Americans who supported this president are scared to admit this is going to be bad for us, and ask can you give us a more reasonable option.

I will also admit that I've had a horrible attitude about this presidency. When I step back and look at the past couple of months, it is difficult for me to find anything substantial that has been positive about it. It would appear the only world leader who thinks we are heading in the right direction economically (not foreign policy) is Hugo Chavez - that is just so telling, don't you think?

As for education, let me just say this. There are certainly things that our government can do to improve education, but can we find one positive thing to say?? We live in a country where every child is entitled to a "free" education, where that free education is provided by our tax dollars and we have a say in what happens! (local board of education - check it out!) and where the individual child, their gifts and talents, are shaped and molded by this idea of freedom. Of course it's not perfect, but we value creativity and innovation in this country. At least we always have. Instead of striving to be like some other country's overly strenuous, academically driven system, let's figure out how to make our own unique, American and top notch by our own definition. I don't want my kids in school all year from sun up until sun down - there are people from foreign countries (living in my cul-de-sac!) who have chosen to raise their children here, in American schools, where they have a life outside of academia. It's not a terrible thing! Our children deserve better than educational daycare. Period!

I guess in the end, I don't feel proud to be an American when I'm listening to this president, or his Secretary of State or his treasury secretary. I feel like an uneducated, selfish world bully, unfit to exist in this global culture of superior bullies. I'm thinking this is going to get old fast, because I don't think I'm at all alone in this feeling. That is becoming more and more clear!


Milton Dorkenhoff said...

I can't speak for everyone else in the country, but I prefer Barack Obama as president over George Bush because he uses complete sentences when he speaks and words that are regularly non-monosyllabic. If he fixes the economy and brings about world peace, great. If not, at least he doesn't come across as being stupid.

deanna said...

I don't really think Obama sounds much different than Bush without his teleprompter - but I guess that's a matter of opinion? As for fixing the economy, obviously that is not something we can ask any one person or country to do, just as I don't believe it is the fault of any one person or country.

Anyone can be made to look stupid with the right video grabs - trust me.