Thursday, December 11, 2008

then... and now

As I was packing the girls' lunches this morning, a couple things popped into my head. I was trying to remember my mom packing our lunches and a startling memory surfaced. She would be packing our lunches in her bathrobe - sometimes. Here are some other things I thought of...

Then... moms could pack lunches in bathrobes and send their walkers off to school alone - even to cross busy streets. Now... I have to get dressed because it's not safe to walk the 300 feet to the bus stop and have my kids wait there alone, in a very safe neighborhood.

Then... moms would have the day to themselves, talking on the phone, watching one of three available TV shows or soaps, doing housework. Now... there are few other moms at home to talk to on the phone, and it's just easier to email, I have too many shows to choose from so I skip TV altogether and the internet is my playground. It eats up a lot of my housework time - need to work on that.

Then... moms who stayed home all day while their kids were in school weren't believed to have nothing to do, and while many did go back to work, it wasn't assumed you would. Now... I just feel guilty when I'm home alone. Period!

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