Monday, December 15, 2008


I need a little perspective these days! This is a crazy time of year and there are some crazy things happening over here. On the great side, we have Kt's birthday coming up. I'm trying to stay focused and positive on that front because she deserves it! We also have Christmas coming, a couple weeks of break and lots of family rolling into town. Many, many things to be thankful for... including the freedom to celebrate the birth of Christ openly and peacefully.

Today was a gorgeous day here in MD. It's 65 degrees outside right now - and it's 5:30pm!! How I long to live somewhere where the weather is always this nice. I'm so not a cold weather person. In fact, it's kind of depressing for me. While I would have loved to enjoy this warm day, I spent the cooler morning at water aerobics, then ran Em's notecards for her state project to school - she forgot them and then my garage door broke shut. Sounds funny, but it's closed and there's no spring attached to help get it up. This is turning out to be a huge problem!

Add to that, my doctor's appointment today was not much better.My slightly elevated liver enzymes have given me a date with an MRI machine for Christmas - wow. Pretty dismal Christmas present if you ask me. I'm hoping it doesn't yield anything too serious, but now I have that to think about. I kind of wish we really were going away for our 2 weeks off!!

On top of my day, my tree is not decorated yet (can't seem to locate the bag of ornament hangers the girls have misplaced), the lights are not up outside, Kt's room is still not ready - a 4 month project that is just dragging on, and I still have no impetus to write a Christmas letter. Today is not helping. I may just break down and send the pictures without a letter. =( Better than nothing!!

Pray for some Christmas cheer around here!

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Kathryn said...

MRI for Christmas?! That's not something to look forward to at all!
Hope you are feeling better soon.