Friday, December 19, 2008


We have FINALLY finished up Katie's room, with just a few minor details left to take care of... like blinds, curtains, mattress cover, and the entire closet - no big whoop! LOL We are moving the desk out of our bedroom that currently serves as our TV stand and moving the actual TV stand that has embarrassingly been in our unused foyer for longer than I care to admit!! I'm happy to have all these things rearranged and in proper spaces. The sad thing is that I've never really had a space of my own. Do any moms?? T has always had his "office" and I typically get a desk... that we keep in the bedroom. No chair or anything! Now that will be gone and I'm wondering if I should stake a claim to some space in this house. Or is that just being really selfish. I don't know. Any thoughts?

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Kathryn said...

If you can make a space of your own--awesome! I have been trying to do this for months. Even if it's just a nook somewhere.