Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Facebook Frenzy!

I honestly don't know how to explain to kids today just what life was like without "technology". It's much more than the fact that our newfound passion, connecting with old friends we haven't seen for 20 years on Facebook, is sucking the life out of us.... it's the very fact that we had to rely on "total phone" to connect with more than one person at a time when we were not face to face. ("Total phone", for those who are from outside of the pseudo-country of Connecticut, is glorified call-waiting/conference calling.) We didn't have cell phones, texting, computers, emailing or even google. Gosh... life without google?? It seems unimaginable now.

Ever since my 20th high school reunion, I've been reconnecting via Facebook with friends who didn't even make it to the event, or who were there and I didn't actually see them in the standing room only, shoulder-to-shoulder venue. I'm totally overwhelmed by the expansive connections I'm able to make in a short amount of time, miles away. I love it! I'll admit it - it's addictive, because I'm a Connector. I completely laughed out loud when my most recent reconnected friend mentioned that he heard at our reunion that "those without FB are the new lepers" - a stretch, but funny nonetheless. Just trying to fathom the possibilities that social networking presents with technology the way it is - it is almost frightening. Frighteningly fascinating!!

Fortunately, I was able to fit in a few chores today whilst writing on walls, poking some folks and updating my status for all my friends to see. I need to get a life.... but am enjoying my online one in the meantime!

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