Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid Flyover

For anyone who thinks that, years later, the 9/11 scars for New Yorkers are healed, think again! As with any traumatic event, the scars are not so toughened over. Especially for those who have chosen to continue living and working on the outskirts of 9/11. I am appalled that the Obama Administration is insensitive enough to think that just because they choose to forget, that others have as well. While they continue to ignore the very real possibility that another 9/11 is possible, there are millions in the New York area who will never be able to erase the horrific events of that day. For an administration that would love to make 9/11 go away, they certainly have a unique way of going about that!

Last summer, we met a family while visiting my mom who had a house in Fairfield that was their summer country beach home. They were New Yorkers with a beautiful place just blocks from the World Trade Center. They were there that morning and would only tell us that it was unbelievable. They were quick to tell us that they never talk about it because the memory is too fresh, too unbearable to speak about. In the short time that we sat with them, I got the sense that these were people who intentionally chose New York as a home for the realistic view it gave their children of the world we live in, a couple who would, in a heartbeat, move back if they felt their family could trust that place again. She a Norwegian former model, he a record producer, not unfamiliar with working hard to accomplish life's goals. Clearly, 9/11's impact on their family will not soon be forgotten.

We should be careful not to shrug off the wounds that were opened by yesterday's stunt. It's a haunting reminder that we live in an unpredictable world during an unpredictable time when the most unexpected things, like your own government scaring the heebie jeebie's out of you, can happen. Way to go, O!

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