Thursday, April 16, 2009


UPDATE: Madi made it through surgery like a champ and everything went "picture perfectly"! She should be home by Wednesday with lots of tubes everywhere!! It's a very long recovery process, so everyone appreciates more prayer. Thanks!!

I actually think that's a better word for this season of Spring - at least in my life. It's so refreshing to go for a walk when cherry blossoms are falling, birds are chirping, the sun is glistening off the remnants of yesterdays downpour. It inspired me get my act together!

I have a million things on my mind, going on in my life, but today only one thing really takes precedence over it all: I am asking for intercessory prayer for Em's friend and our neighbor, Madi. She is leaving shortly to head over to Hopkins for some more major surgery tomorrow. This is to hopefully fix some issues she's been having since her last major surgery three years ago for a condition she was born with, bladder exstrophy. Your prayers for her and her family would be very much cherished, and hopefully in a week or so she will be home, but begin a 6-8 week recovery. As you can imagine, this will not be easy with spring upon us, all her friends out bike-riding and swimming and going to school. We are very hopeful this will be the culmination of years of preparation!

Pray for:

- Madi - that she can endure this as bravely and courageously as she has everything in her life.

- her family - that logistics, their two younger daughters and family would be supported and that everything would go smoothly

- insurance - for that past year, this has been an issue. So far, so good, but please pray that each aspect of their visit, hospital stay and after care will be covered by their insurance.

- doctors - Madi is "fortunate" to live here, as the premier doctor for this condition is at Johns Hopkins. We pray that each person who comes in contact with Madi and her family are as excellent and encouraging as they have been in the past.

- recovery - we pray for a speedy recovery and for a successful procedure!

Thanks for thinking of them!

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