Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

We have had a fun Spring Break so far! We started off with a quick night in DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival and Parade. I imagine that would have been more impressive, if not for the wind storm that eliminated the large balloons. We were also sorely disappointed (and stayed until the very end!!) when the headline Mama Mia stars failed to make an appearance. That was truly a bummer! The Tidal Basin also was overcrowded - note to selves: go on a weekday next year!

After our little DC trip, we went up to Connecticut for a few days. Lots of fun, relaxing, hanging out with family and meeting up with some old friends made for a great trip. We also fit in a [freezing!] day at Mystic Aquarium. Em was really in need of some animal time and she chose that over visiting the American Girl store in NYC. We'll try that some other time! Because I forgot my camera, we had to take pictures the old fashioned way - I'm not sure when I'll be posting any of those!

We are now home, doing laundry for my family - extended family, that is. My mom's washing machine broke and she is heading down to Savannah tomorrow from here. I'm getting some clothes ready for her to take on her trip. Then we will have Uncle D here for Easter - the girls are VERY excited!!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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