Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Child Syndrome

I think I've always suffered from First Child Syndrome, or at least various forms of it. I can remember being so overly compliant as a child that I was in shock when my sister dared to do anything rebellious, such as not do her homework (intently!), stay out later than her curfew and not really care what my parents thought or her being able to hide a tattoo for weeks and months without my parents ever finding out. My brother was even better at deception, which I'm sure began in his early years, but I wouldn't really know because I was too busy obeying to even notice! Call it naivety or just plain goodie-two-shoesness, I am just completely stunned when I find out people get away with things that I was sure I'd be punished for - lock me up and throw that key far away.

Thus it has been for me this past week. Do people really get away with not paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in taxes?? Can they really break the law and not be penalized?? On top of that, will they then, after being publicly lashed with a wet spaghetti noodle, still receive the job of making sure all us little folks pay our taxes?? For sure, I do not understand politics or the economy... but I recognize a criminal when I see one!!

Thankfully, God is much more merciful with me than I am with other. As another side effect of First Child Syndrome, I have this insatiable need to practice mercy and grace with others instead of my knee-jerk reaction, which is justice and revenge! God is patiently teaching me to leave those things to Him, and to practice those virtues which I lack as was portioned to me by my birth order.... confounded by my need to always be right. Someday, attitude and all, each of us will have to account for our actions and reactions. We will all want grace where we are concerned. As for the others, I plead the 5th!

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Kathryn said...

I'm not sure this is a good thing (it probably isn't) but I wasn't at all surprised about Daschle. I am so cynical about politicians that regardless of who is in office or what they say, I really don't expect that suddenly, Washington will operate differently. Some things will change, but the political corruption never will! ;-)