Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook Fun

I've been having the best time on Facebook, hence my blog absence! My college friends, who are scattered about the US, are hysterical and it's so wonderful catching up with everyone. It's great to laugh at ourselves and remember all the sillyness that was college, roomies, really bad food, boys, MONET, '80's.... just pure fun!

This past week, my sister has finally joined the fun that is Facebook. She has resisted the movement for over a year, but she finally caved!! Tonight I chatted with her for the first time, and I was crying I was laughing so hard. I can't wait until we're all older and sit back and laugh at the things that irritate us now. It will be like looking back at college. Here's a sample of our chat:


katie just came up here to ask if she could watch the movie "House Bunny"


never heard of it


it's a movie about an ex-Playboy bunny!

she's all mad that Tony said no, because we're the most uncool parents EVER!!



Does she know that's what it's about?


no, she doesn't

she only cares that we said no

we are now "stupid, dumb" parents who make her go to bed too early, don't give her enough money and never let her watch anything!

remember when our parents were exactly the same thing?


well tell her it's not appropriate

hmmm... I can't see Katie thinking that - SWEET SMART KATIE???


someday she'll thank us! LOL


Not MY niece!!


oh, you should hear her!!


Remind her that she's been to Europe TWICE!


her best friend called here at 10:15 the night of the Super Bowl - we let her talk to her and after about 5 minutes, we told her she needed to get off and go to bed

she yelled into the phone, "My stupid parents are making me go to bed, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

she got in pretty big trouble for that one!



I dont' believe it

But I see Skyler in her - in the not too distant future


well, when she came home, as she does most days, to tell me, "Guess what so and so gets..." I said, "Well, so-and-so also does a lot of chores around the house... How about I call and find out what they have to do and we'll make it really even!"

yup... you're in for it! trust me!


I already am


yeah, she's a smart one!


Mine quit Tai Kwon Do b/c of the outfit. Where did she get her fashion sense?

I'll have to post that on my "status bar"


I'm totally laughing, as is Tony

that's hysterical

they wouldn't let her do it in her ballet clothes?


We dressed her all up in her outfit which WAS a bit big, but I took karate - it's so they can MOVE in it and do their kicks and such

Well, no, no, no... we got to the dojo and I wrapped her belt (the proper way) and just before we walked in, she burst out in tears

she said, "It's too big!" Plus, she doesn't like shirts that go below her waist and this one, of course, goes below her butt


i'm crying i'm laughing so hard!


I said, "They won't get you do it if you don't wear this." Last week, she got a few free classes and for simply trying out, got to wear her sweats and favorite shirt

So standing outside the dojo, watching all the other moms walking in with their little Pre-Kers wearing their outfits, I pointed out to her that everyone's were too big

That didn't do. So I told her if we left, we would never come back. I couldn't even pull her inside so we turned around and drove home.

She cried all the way home. She wanted to somehow shrink it. I said that wouldn't work. Well, she saved me from paying for 6 months of it at $800 (which I was going to do that night!)


wow - that's a lot of dough


I had to talk to the owner, who called me last night after not seeing her and had to explain that she simply didn't like the outfit and that we'd return it and try again next year. He said he understood as he also has a 5 year old who he said has clothing issues, too.

No kidding. I was hesitant about it - it's a HUGE commitment from the parents at 2 nights per week, but she just LOVED the classes she took last week and I thought it would be great for her confidence


awww... it's too bad they make them wear that - but still, mucho buckeroos!

My neice - she's a funny one!

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