Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dell: Consumer Advocates??

So... T bought me this Dell laptop last year, and I like it, but the buttons on the touchpad are a bit sketch. So sketch that, at less than a year old, the left button (the one you need to use all the time!) is busted. It still works, but it's permanently depressed. I imagine it won't be long before it's non-functional.

I decided to poke around the web to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem, and of course, there are a few. Some of these folks had a Dell "Consumer Advocate" reply to their posts and offer to send someone out to fix it. I decided to email one of these advocates with my issue and the response I got was an email reply with the email I sent... no message at all. It's a bit bizarre, but I'll just assume there's no such thing as a Dell Consumer Advocate and be on my merry way. I guess I'll see if Best Buy can help me.?

I also have the noisiest fan ever... I wonder what I should do about that??

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