Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day... just for kids?

Just had a friend today tell me that Valentine's Day is really just for kids. I guess she was just trying to make me feel better? I mean... maybe that is what happens. It's the Valentine's Digression. When you're dating, it's overkill, then you get married and it maybe becomes less enthusiastic. Then you have kids and... well, it just goes downhill. I personally have always loved Valentine's Day, but that's because I wish for romance. It's rare around here.

Anyway, the interesting thing about Valentine's Day is that it's not a made up American greeting card holiday, it actually has historical roots. They may be a bit sorted, but there's no doubt that this holiday has some significance, and the love/marriage connection seems important.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day! You still have time to do something special for your Valentine.=)

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Love Meghan said...

i love valentine's day, even if it does become more about the kids as we get older. this year, i spent more time on the goodies my daughter gave her friends at daycare than i did on my husband's gift. (i ended up giving him a heart-shaped pizza from papa murphy's. haha.)