Monday, January 10, 2011

No More Single Digits in Shengrala!

Happy 10th Birthday to Emily... those preteen hormones are just starting to kick in, too!

Emily, full of life and wonder, compassionate and meek,
seeking adventure but cautiously.
She knows what she wants and always has a plan,
she executes it the fastest she can!
We love her smile, her charm and fashion sense,
her sense of humor leaves us in stitches immense.=)
Where has our little princess gone? we often lament...
only glimpses left of her in childlike excitement.
She keeps us smiling with her hysterical replies
that entertain our facebook friends on the sly.
We know that God has big plans for this girl -
we think she might be heading out to serve the world!

Happy Birthday, Emma-lou... momma loves you!!

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